If you wish to visit please email your request to visit and include your phone number for contact. Your child's name can be added to a list of applicants until visits begin in January.

An appointment to visit is made for around 9:30am am and lasts for about 20 minutes. Please bring your child to the visit. After visiting you may fill out an application and include your child’s photo. There are no fees for application. Click here to download the application.

Beginning in January visits are scheduled and during March of the year applications are in the final stages of acceptance. A waiting list is maintained so applications are taken through the year. Thank you for your interest in Growing Up.


Holiday Schedule
  November 1 week, Thanksgiving
  December 2 weeks, Winter Break
  April 1 week, Spring Break
  4 days TBA*

School Session ends in August.

*To Be Announced-- 4 days to be taken as personal days within the year.

Full payment is required for the holiday schedule including 4 personal days, your vacations, and your child’s sick days.